Leaked Milano Red 23-24 Home Kit Evokes Memories of AC Milan 97-98 Lotto Training Shirt

The new Milano Red 23-24 home kit was leaked on Friday, and it boasts a revolutionary design that is drawing mixed reactions from fans.

AC Milan 97-98 Training Shirt vs Milano Red 23-24 Home Kit

The Milano Red 23-24 shirt features a bold, modern take on the team's traditional red and black stripes, with a unique horizontal lines design that creates the impression of diagonal lines by having different colors and widths.

However, as pointed out by @busy__p on Twitter, the design bears some similarities to the Lotto 1997-1998 training shirt. Given Milano Red and AC Milan's shared history and colors, this may not be a coincidence.

It remains to be seen if fans will embrace the quite revolutionary look of the Milano Red 23-24 home kit.

For us, the Milano Red design looks surely not bad. The biggest downside is sure that it is not traditional - but would be the need for a new (home) kit every season if it would have the more or less design every year?

AC Milan 1997-1998 Training Shirt

Revolutionary Milano Red 23-24 Home Kit Leaked

Do you like the revolutionary look of the new Milano Red 23-24 home kit? Do you think the Cat got inspired by Lotto? Let us know in the comments below.