UPDATE: Barcelona 18-19 Home Kit Design + Shorts & Socks Leaked

Following up on our post from last month, we are today able to give you a definitive look at the design of the Barcelona 18-19 home jersey, shorts and socks, which is not set to be released until at least May 2018. The stripes of the Barcelona 2018-2019 kit are even thinner than we initially predicted, while the shorts and socks will be dark navy, an intriguing change.

Japanese e-commerce brand Rakuten continues to feature as main sponsor on he Barcelona 18-19 jerseys, which are produced by Nike.

Barcelona 18-19 Home Kit

This image shows the base design of the Barcelona 2018-2018 home shirt.

The Barcelona 18-19 kit will drop this year's fading stripes design in favor of regular, although much thinner than ever before, stripes. Apart from the striping, Barcelona's 2018-19 shirt comes in the same colors as this season's and once again uses gold for the Swoosh and white for the sponsor logos.

In terms of width, the 2011-12 Barcelona home kit comes closest to the Barcelona 18-19 jersey, although the latter's stripes will be even thinner and, more importantly, straight without any sort of fade or gradient details.

Template-wise, the Barcelona 2018-2019 home kit will be based on the same as Nike's World Cup kits. The next generation of Nike Aeroswift, the template of the Barcelona 18-19 jersey introduces new knit pattern and a lighter overall construction. Unfortunately for Barça, the sleeves continue to be solid always.

Finally, dark navy shorts and socks will complete the Barcelona 18-19 home kit. It's a clever little nod to Nike's first two seasons at the club. The brand took over from Kappa in 1998, which will have been 20 years ago next summer.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Barcelona 2018-19 jersey as we receive them. The Barcelona 18-19 kit is set to be released in May 2018 the earliest.

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