2018-19 Kit Overview - All Leaked & Official 18-19 Shirts

With many teams releasing new kits well into September, we've decided to give the 18-19 Kit Overview another big update to reflect these latest changes from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A. Special-edition kits and 2019 training wear is also included, so make sure to have a close look!

The Footy Headlines Kit Overview is your place to get a quick overview of all of next season's shirts form the big leagues and teams across the globe, including the likes of FC Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

2018-19 Kits - Top Leagues

Premier League

Brighton & Hove AlbionHome + Away-
Cardiff CityHomeAway-
Crystal PalaceHome + Away-
FulhamHome + Away-
Huddersfield TownHomeAwayThird
Leicester CityHomeAwayThird
Manchester CityHomeAwayThird
Manchester UnitedHomeAwayThird
Newcastle UnitedHomeAwayThird
SouthamptonHome + AwayThird
West HamHome + AwayThird
WolvesHome + Away-

All Premier League 18-19 Kits


Arsenal 18-19 Home Kit
Arsenal 18-19 Away Kit
Arsenal 18-19 Third Kit
Arsenal 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits

In what is believed to be the last season with Puma ahead of a speculated switch to Adidas in 2019, Arsenal's 18-19 kits will be unveiled over the course of the coming summer.

Arsenal 18-19 Pre-Match Shirts + Training Kit

AFC Bournemouth

Bournemouth 2018-19 Home Kit
Bournemouth 18-19 Away Kit
Bournemouth 18-19 Third Kit

The AFC Bournemouth 18-19 kits are made by Umbro once again.

Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton 18-19 Home & Away Kits

The Brighton & Hove Albion kits are made by Nike.


Burnley 2018-19 Home Kit
Burnley 18-19 Away Kit
Burnley 18-19 Third Kit

The Burnley 18-19 home, away and third kits are made by Puma.

Cardiff City

Cardiff City 18-19 Home Kit
Cardiff 18-19 Away Kit

The Cardiff City 2018-2019 Premier League kits are made by Adidas.


Chelsea 18-19 Home Kit
Chelsea 18-19 Away Kit
Chelsea 18-19 Third Kit

In the second season with the club, Nike has prepared more unique and bespoke designs for Chelsea.

Chelsea 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt
Chelsea 18-19 Training Kit

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace 18-19 Home & Away Kits

The Crystal Palace 2018-19 kits are made by Puma who took over from Macron after that contract ended after four years.


Everton 18-19 Home Kit
Everton 18-19 Away Kit
Everton 18-19 Third Kit

Having signed a five-year kit deal in 2014, Umbro again produces the Everton 18-19 kits.


Fulham 18-19 Kits
Fulham 18-19 Third Kit
Fulham 18-19 Fourth Kit

Fulham return to the Premier League in Adidas kits.

Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield 18-19 Home Kit
Huddersfield 18-19 Away Kit
Huddersfield Town 18-19 Third Kit

Huddersfield have signed a deal with Umbro who produce the Huddersfield 18-19 kits.

Leicester City

Leicester 18-19 Home Kit
Adidas Leicester 18-19 Away Kit
Leicester 18-19 Third Kit

Adidas took over from Puma and are producing the Leicester City 18-19 home, away and third kits.


Liverpool 18-19 Home Kit
Liverpool 18-19 Away Kit
Liverpool 18-19 Third Kit

The Liverpool 18-19 home, away and third kits are made by New Balance once again, with the Liverpool 2018-2019 home uniform becoming one of the first to be launched across the continent.

Liverpool 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits
Liverpool 18-19 Goalkeeper Kit
Liverpool 18-19 Pre-Match + Training Kit

Manchester City

Manchester City 18-19 Home Kit
Manchester City 18-19 Away Kit
Manchester City 18-19 Third Kit

After Puma was initially rumored to be taking over next season, it appears that Nike will remain for at least one more year.

Manchester City 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt
Manchester City 18-19 Training Kit
Manchester City 18-19 Champions League Pre-Match Shirt
Manchester City 2019 Pre-Match Shirt

Manchester United

Manchester United 18-19 Home Kit
Manchester United 18-19 Away Kit
Manchester United 18-19 Third Kit
Manchester United 18-19 Goalkeeper Kit

In what is already the fourth season back with Adidas, Manchester United will wear a pale pink 2018-2019 away jersey and a navy and gold third kit.

Manchester United 18-19 Training Kit
Manchester United 2019 Pre-match shirt

Newcastle United

Newcastle United 18-19 Home Kit
Newcastle 18-19 Away Kit
Newcastle 18-19 Third Kit
Newcastle 18-19 Goalkeeper Kits

The Newcastle 18-19 kits are made by Puma once again.


Southampton 18-19 Home & Away Kits
Southampton 18-19 Third Kit

The Southampton 18-19 kits are made by Under Armour in the brand's third year with the club.


Tottenham 18-19 Home Kit
Tottenham 18-19 Away Kit
Tottenham 18-19 Third Kit
Tottenham 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits
Tottenham 18-19 Goalkeeper Kit

Nike produced the Tottenham Hotspur 18-19 home, away and third kits.

Tottenham 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt


Watford 18-19 Home Kit
Watford 18-19 Away Kit

Watford continue with Adidas in the 2018-19 season.

West Ham United

West Ham 18-19 Home & Away Kits
West Ham 18-19 Third Kit

Umbro produced the new West Ham 18-19 home and away kits.


Wolves 18-19 Home & Away Kits

The Wolverhampton Wanderers 18-19 Premier League kits are made by Adidas.

La Liga

AlavésHome + Away + Third
Athletic BilbaoHomeAwayThird
Atlético MadridHomeAwayThird
FC BarcelonaHomeAwayThird
Real BetisHomeAwayThird
Celta de VigoHome + Away-
SD EibarHome + Away + Third
EspanyolHome + Away + Third
GetafeHome + Away + Third
Girona FCHomeAway + Third
SD HuescaHome + Away + Third
Levante UDHomeAway + Third
LeganésHome + Away + Third
Real MadridHomeAwayThird
Rayo VallecanoHome + Away + Third
Real SociedadHome + Away-
SevillaHome + Away + Third
Real ValladolidHome + Away-
VillarrealHome + Away + Third

All La Liga 18-19 Kits


Athletic Bilbao 18-19 Home Kit
Athletic Bilbao 18-19 Away Kit

Athletic Bilbao's 18-19 kits are made by New Balance in the brand's second year at the club.

Atlético Madrid

Atletico 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits
Atletico 18-19 Home Kit
Atletico 18-19 Away Kit
Atletico 18-19 Third Kit

Atlético Madrid's 18-19 jerseys were made by Nike another time.

Atletico Madrid 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt

FC Barcelona

Barcelona 18-19 Home Kit
Barcelona 18-19 Away Kit
Barcelona 18-19 Third Kit
Barcelona 20 Years Mashup Jersey

Made by long-term supplier Nike, Barcelona's 18-19 home kit will introduce a novel look with thin stripes and dark navy details to pay homage to the debut of the Swoosh 20 years ago.

Barcelona 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt
Barcelona 18-19 Champions League Pre-Match Shirt
Barcelona 2019 Pre-Match Shirt
Barcelona 2019 Training Shirt


Betis 18-19 Home Kit
Betis Away Kit
Betis 18-19 Third Kit

Betis' new kits are made by Kappa, replacing Adidas.


Espanyol 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits

Espanyol's 18-19 kits are made by Kelme.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 18-19 Home Kit
Real Madrid 18-19 Away Kit
Real Madrid 18-19 Third Kit
Real Madrid 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits

Made by long-term jersey supplier Adidas, the Real Madrid 18-19 kits will once again display the brand's iconic stripes.

Real Madrid 18-19 Goalkeeper Kits
Real Madrid 18-19 Training Kit
Real Madrid 18-19 Champions League Training Kit
Real Madrid 18-19 Basketball Jersey / Tank Top + Windbreaker


Sevilla 18-19 Nike Kits

New Balance was replaced by Nike as supplier for the Sevilla 18-19 kits.


Valencia 2018-2019 Home Kit
Valencia 18-19 Away Kit

The Valencia 18-19 kits are made by Adidas.


The Villarreal 18-19 kits will be made by Joma in the Spanish brand's third year with the club.


AugsburgHome + Away + Third
Bayern MunichHomeAwayThird
Fortuna DüsseldorfHomeAwayThird
Hannover 96Home + Away + Third
Hertha BSCHome + AwayThird
HoffenheimHomeAway + Third
LeipzigHome + AwayThird
MainzHome + Away + Third
Schalke 04HomeAwayThird
VfB StuttgartHomeAwayThird
Werder BremenHome + Away + Third
VfL WolfsburgHome + Away-

All Bundesliga 18-19 Kits

Bayer Leverkusen

Leverkusen 2018-2019 Home Kit
Leverkusen 18-19 Away Kit

Small German brand Jako continues to supply Leverkusen in the 2018-19 season.

Bayern München

Bayern 18-19 Home Kit
Bayern Munich 2018-2019 Away Kit
Bayern Munich 18-19 Third Kit

Made by Adidas and sponsored by Telekom, the Bayern Munich 18-19 home, away and third kits will be launched throughout the summer.

Bayern 18-19 Goalkeeper Kit
Bayern Munich 18-19 Training Kit
Bayern Munich 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt
Bayern 18-19 Tango Jersey
Bayern 2019 Pre-Match Shirt

Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund 18-19 Home Kit
Borussia Dortmund 2018-19 Away Kit
Dortmund 18-19 Third Kit
Dortmund 18-19 CL Kit

Borussia Dortmund's 18-19 kits are made by Puma.

Borussia Dortmund 2019 Pre-Match Shirt


Gladbach 18-19 Home Kit
Puma Gladbach 2018-19 Away kit
Puma Gladbach Third Kit
Borussia Mönchengladbach 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits

The Borussia Mönchengladbach 18-19 kits are made by Puma, who took over from Kappa.

RB Leipzig

Leipzig 18-19 Home & Away Kits
RB Leipzig 18-19 Third Kit

The Leipzig 18-19 kits are made by Nike.


Schalke 18-19 Home Kit
Schalke 18-19 Away Kit
Schalke 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits

For the first time ever, Umbro produced the Schalke kits in the 2018-2019 season.


Stuttgart 18-19 Home Kit
Stuttgart 18-19 Away Kit
Stuttgart 2018-19 Third Kit

The Stuttgart 18-19 kits are made by Puma for one last time before the club will switch to Jako.

Werder Bremen

Umbro Werder Bremen 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits

Umbro makes Werder Bremen's 18-19 kits after the club left Nike.

VfL Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg 18-19 Home & Away Kits

The Wolfsburg 18-19 kits will once again be made by Nike.

Serie A

All Serie A 18-19 Kits


Fiorentina 18-19 Home + 4 Kits

The Fiorentina 18-19 kits made by Le Coq Sportif who took over in 2015.


Genoa 18-19 Home Kit
Genoa 125th Anniversary Kit


Inter 18-19 Home Kit
Inter 18-19 Away Kit
Inter 18-19 Third Kit

Nike produced the Inter 18-19 home, away and third kits. All three jerseys feature bespoke designs inspired by the club's tradition and symbols.


Juventus 18-19 Home Kit
Juventus 18-19 Away Kit
Juventus 18-19 Third Kit
Juventus 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits

Adidas will produce the Juventus kits in 2018-19. The Juventus 18-19 away kit introduces a novel color combo in 'Sesame and Clay'.

Juventus 18-19 Goalkeeper Kit
Juventus 18-19 'Whiteout' Jersey
Juventus 18-19 Basketball Jersey / Tank Top
Juventus 18-19 Away Track Jacket


Lazio 18-19 Home Kit
Lazio 2018-2019 Third Kit

Lazio continues with Macron for the 2018-19 season.


Milan 18-19 Home Kit
Milan 18-19 Away Kit
Puma Milan 2018-19 Third Kit
Puma Milan 18-19 Kits

Milan's 18-19 kits are made by Puma after leaving eternal supplier Adidas. Whereas the Puma Milan 2018-2019 home jersey is very traditional, the away and third kits will have more unusual, unique looks.

Milan 18-19 Training Kits

SSC Napoli

Napoli 18-19 Home Kit
Napoli 18-19 Away Kit
Napoli 18-19 Third Kit
Napoli 18-19 Champions League Kits

Kappa continues to produce Napoli's kits in the 18-19 season.

Parma Calcio

Parma 18-19 Home Kit
Parma 18-19 Away Kit
Parma 18-19 Third Kit

Parma make the return to Serie A after just three years. They wear kits made by Erreà.

AS Roma

Roma 18-19 Home Kit
Roma 18-19 Away Kit
Roma 18-19 Third Kit

AS Roma's 18-19 kits are made by Nike.

Ligue 1

AngersHome + Away + Third
BordeauxHome + Away + Third
SM CaenHomeAway-
DijonHome + Away + Third
GuingampHome + Away + Third
Lille OSCHome + Away + Third
LyonHome + AwayThird
MontpellierHome + Away-
NantesHome + Away-
NiceHome + 3 Away
Nîmes OlympiqueHome + Away + Third
Saint-ÉtienneHome + Away + Third
Stade de ReimsHomeAway-
Stade RennaisHome + Away-
StrasbourgHome + Away-
ToulouseHome + Away-


Bordeaux 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits

Puma produced the new Girondins Bordeaux 18-19 kits as part of an agreement that's valid until at least 2022.

Lille OSC

New Balance will produce the Lille 18-19 kits, in the third season of a long-term partnership.

Olympique Lyonnais

Lyon 18-19 Home & Away Kits
OL 2018-2019 Third Kit

Under contract until at least 2021, Adidas made the new Lyon 18-19 kits.

Olympique Marseille

Marseille 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits
Marseille 18-19 Home Kit
Olympique Marseille 2018-19 Away Kit
Puma Marseille 18-19 Third Kit

Puma took over the task of designing the Olympique Marseille jerseys ahead of the 2018-19 season. The OM 18-19 Puma home shirt introduces a rather unusual look with sky blue melange sleeves.

AS Monaco

Monaco 18-19 Home Kit
Monaco 18-19 Away Kit
Monaco 18-19 Home & Away Kits

Another major team to be under contract for a long time to come, AS Monaco's 18-19 kits are again made by Nike.

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG 18-19 Home Kit
PSG 18-19 Away Kit
PSG 18-19 Jordan Kits

Paris Saint-Germain's 18-19 home, away and third kits are made by Nike. The PSG 2018-2019 home jersey stands out in particular alongside a collaborative effort with Jordan Brand, with the away being more understated in comparison.

PSG 18-19 Training Kit
Paris Saint-Germain 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt
PSG 18-19 Away Pre-Match Shirt
PSG 2019 Pre-Match Shirt
PSG 2019 Training Kit

Other Leagues

BesiktasHome + Away + Third
Boca JuniorsHome + Away-
ChivasHome + AwayThird
Club AmericaHome + AwayThird
Dynamo KievHome + Away-
FenerbahceHome + Away + Third
FlamengoHome + AwayThird
Glasgow RangersHome + Away + Third
SC InternacionalHomeAwayThird
Kaizer ChiefsHomeAway-
FC PortoHomeAwayThird
Pumas UNAMHomeAwayThird
São PauloHome + Away-
SportingHome + Away-
Spartak MoscowHome + Away-

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