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LEAKED: Nike USA 2018 World Cup Kit Design

Earlier today, we showed you a first look at the Nike training template for the World Cup, and shortly after sportslogos.net's Conrad Burry has followed with a leak of the design of the Nike USA 2018 World Cup kit.

Note: While we can confirm Burry's approximation of the base design of the USA 2018 soccer jersey, we personally don't think that Nike will use this exact sleeve detail on the match jerseys. Time will tell...

USA 2018 World Cup Kit

This image shows the design of the Nike United States 2018 soccer home shirt.

Confirming our previous leak, the USA 2018 home kit leaves behind the rather uninspired 2016 and 2017 designs for a much more unique and personal look. The base color of the USA 2018 jersey is white, as one would expect, and it's paired with a lighter blue than lately, and red.

Inspired by the extreme popularity of previous hoop and sash designs, the Nike USA 2018 World Cup shirt sees a bold front graphic added. It features the aforementioned blue and red in a fading design that creates the hint of a hoop.

White shorts and socks, with blue and red accents, complete the outstanding United States 2018 shirt.

The USA 2018 World Cup away kit will be dark blue with royal blue and white trim, although no design details are known at the moment. Both jerseys will be released very late, in May. Stay tuned for more details on the USA 2018 kit and other Nike 2018 World Cup jerseys in the coming days and weeks.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and check out the 2018 World Cup Kit Overview for more on this and other teams.