Adidas Predator LZ 2 Boot Released + 2 Lethal Zones II Boots Leaked!

Second Generation Of The Predator Lethal Zones Boot

Adidas Predator Lethal Zones II Boot features again five advanced Lethal Zones providing a perfect ball control (pics by Unlike the first generation LZ Boots the LZ II Boot features more single rubber fins overlapping extremly on the upper of the Boot reminding to the design of the Predator Rapier Boot released 1995. The single rubbers come in the design looking similar to a X.

A detailed look at the design of the Predator Lethal Zones II Boot

Adidas Predator LZ II Black / Ray Green / Running White

Adidas today released the new Adidas Predator LZ II Boot in Black. The new adidas Predator LZ II version is mainly black with green Lethal Zones.

Adidas Predator White / High-res Orange / Black

The new Predator LZ 2 Boot comes in four different colorways. Officially called again just Predator Lethal Zones by adidas, the second generation was released in ray green. Two different colorways will be released in June 2013:
Black / Ray Green / Running White | White / High-res Orange / Black

Predator LZ II Boot Is Superlight

The new Predator LZ 2 SL Boot version is made of extremely lightweight upper material called Sprintskin and comes with the complete new SL rubber Predator technology. Being delivered with light sockliner the Predator LZ II Superlight Boot weighs just 199 gramms and will be promoted with a special Infrared / White edition in September 2013.

Predator Lethal Zones II Pride Blue / Orange / White

In September 2013 Adidas will release a new Pride Blue / Orange / Running White Colorway. The Lethal Zones come in Blue and Orange while the main Boot color is Blue.