FC Barcelona 13/14 Home + Away Kits Released + Third Kit Info

FC Barcelona 2013-14 Home and Away Kits released. Barcelona 13-14 Kits are made by Nike and sponsored by Qatar Airways, the first commercial shirt sponsor in the club's history. Unicef remains at the bottom of the back of the Barcelona 2013-14 Shirts.

FC Barcelona 2013-14 Home Kit

Unlike last years kits, the new Barca 13/14 Home Shirt comes with classical vertical stripes instead of stripe experiments on previous kits. The BaNikeona Home Kit features four red stripes and five blue stripes on the front as well as stripes on the sleeve cuffs creating a transition effect.

The Barcelona 13-14 Home Kit v-collar is yellow and features the catalan flag on the back side and the lettering Més que un club on the inside. Whilte the Nike and Unicef logos on the Barcelona 13-14 Home Shirt are yellow, the Qatar Airways logo is silver.

Barcelona 2013-14 Home Kit shorts are blue and the Barcelona 13-14 Home Kit socks are blue with a yellow trip and a few reducing red stripes forming a transitional effect.

FC Barcelona 2013-14 Away Kit

FC Barcelona 2013-14 Away Shirt is inspired by the Senyera's (Catalan flag) colors yellow and red. Nike and Qatar Airways logos on the new Barcelona 13-14 Away Shirt are colored navy.

Unlike the Barcelona 2013-14 Home Jersey the new Barcelona Away Kit features a yellow round color with a red trim at the top. The sleeves of the new Barcelona kit are yellow and feature reducing red stripes at the sleeve cuff area creating a transition effect.

The Barcelona 13-14 Away Kit shorts are red with a black trim on each side and the Barcelona 13-14 Away Kit socks are red and feature a thin black stripe towards the top as well as the red and yellow fade stripes seen on the sleeves.

FC Barcelona 2013-14 Third Kit

FC Barcelona will also get a new FC Barcelona 13-14 Third Kit in black / yellow. The FC Barcelona 13-14 Third Shirt will be black with yellow Nike logos and a yellow stripe on both sleeves from the collar to the end of the sleeves.

FC Barcelona 2013-14 Goalkeeper Home Kit

What was earlier rumored to be the new Barcelona 13-14 Third Kit turned out to be the Barcelona 13-14 Keeper Kit.

The Barcelona 13-14 Goalkeeper Home Shirt is black and features the same fading stripes on the sleeves as seen on the Barcelona 13-14 Home and Away kits. The stripes are used to create a transitional effect from the black upper part of the sleeves to the gray lower part.

Barcelona 2013-14 Goalkeeper Home Kit shorts are black and Barcelona 13-14 Keeper Home Kit socks are black as well.

FC Barcelona 13-14 Goalkeeper Away Kit

The Nike FC Barcelona 13-14 Goalkeeper Away Kit is blue with the same template as the Goalkeeper Home Shirt.