Galatasaray 13-14 (2013-14) Home and Away Kits Released

The new Galatasaray 2013-14 Away Kit was released today after the Turkish giant had already released the Galatasaray 13-14 Home Kit back in May. Galatasaray won the 2012-13 Spor Toto Süper Lig and will play in the 2013-14 Champions League group stages.

Galatasaray 2013-14 Kits are made by Nike and sponsored by Turk Telekom and Avea.

Galatasaray 2013-14 Home Kit

Galatasaray 13-14 Home Kit is deep red / orange and features a classical design. Galatasaray 2013-14 Home Shirt looks very much like the 12-13 shirt, but with a round collar. Sponsor logos on the Galatasaray 13-14 Home Kit are white.

Galatasaray 2013-14 Away Kit

This is the new Galatasaray 13-14 Nike Away Shirt.

The new Galatasaray 13-14 Away Kit is mainly dark grey with black parts. Galatasaray 2013-14 Away Kit features a yellow sponsor logo and a yellow Nike logo, and comes with a samll red sleeve line and a red line on the collar.

The new Galatasaray 13-14 Away Shirt is based on the same template as the Atletico 13-14 Away Kit by Nike.

Galatasaray 2013-14 Third Kit

The new Galatasaray 13-14 Third Kit will be Red / Orange.

Galatasaray 2013-14 Prematch Shirts

The new 13-14 Galatasaray Prematch Kits by Nike.

The new Gala 13-14 Prematch tops come in two different colorways, one is red while the other is orange. The first 13-14 Galataaray Prematch Kit features three different shades of red color and is striped horizontaly. Second Galatasaray 2013-2014 Prematch Jersey is mainly orange with red and black horizontal stripes. The lettering Galatasaray features on the back of the shirt.

Galatasaray 2013-14 Training Shirts

The new 13-14 Galatasaray Training Kits by Nike.

First Gala 13-14 Training Kit is purple, while the second is orange. They come in the same template as other Nike 13-14 Training Kits.