Hannover 96 13-14 (2013-14) Home and Away Kits Released

German Bundesliga team Hannover 96, who finished the 2012-13 season on the 9th place, today unveiled the new Hannover 96 2013-14 Home Kit, made by German kit brand Jako. We also have leaked pictures of the new Hannover 13-14 Away and Third Shirts.

Travel company Tui is Hannover 13-14 main sponsor, but recently announced they were not going to renew the contract with the club, which ends next summer.

Hannover 96 13-14 Home Kit

This is the new Hannover 2013-14 Jako Home Shirt.

Hannover 13-14 Home shirt is claret with a red round collar and more red shapes around the shoulder and sleeves. Sponsor logos on the Hannover 13-14 Home Shirts are white.

Hannover 13-14 Home Kit shorts are red and Hannover 13-14 Home Kit socks are red, contrasting the darker red tone of the shirt.

Hannover 96 13-14 Away Kit

This is the new Hannover 2013-14 Jako Away Shirt.

Hannover 13-14 Away Kit features stripes in different shades of green.

Hannover 2013-14 Away Kit shorts and socks are white.

Hannover 96 12-14 Third Kit

Hannover 13-14 Third Kit is kept from last season. Hannover 2013-14 Third Shirt is white with a black and a green stripe on the front. The Tui logo is red on the Hannover 13-14 Third Kit.

Hannover 96 13-14 Goalkeeper Home Kit

The Hannover 13-14 Keeper Home Kit is light gray / gray, the shorts are dark gray.