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Paderborn 13-14 (2013-14) Home, Away and Third Kits Released

2. Bundesliga team SC Paderborn today released the new Paderborn 13-14 saller Home and Third Kits. The Paderborn 13-14 Away Kit stays the one from 12-13.

Paderborn are at the moment without a shirt sponsor, following the end of the sponsor deal with Finke Möbel, but are expected to announce a new shirt sponsor before the start of the 2013-14 2. Bundesliga season.

Paderborn 13-14 Home Kit

This is the new SC Paderborn 2013-14 Home Shirt made by saller.

The new Paderborn 2013-14 Home Kit is based on the same template as the Bielefeld 13-14 Kits and comes in black. There blue bands at the sleeve and shirt ends as well as a blue trim at the top of the v-collar.

The Paderborn 13-14 Home Kit shorts are black with a blue line at both sides.

Paderborn 12-14 Away Kit

This is the Paderborn 2013-14 Away Kit by saller.

The Paderborn 13-14 Away Kit has been kept from the 2012-13 season and comes in a striking red color and claret details.

Paderborn 13-14 Away Kit shorts are claret with details in a lighter red tone.

Paderborn 13-14 Third Kit

The new Paderborn 2013-14 saller Third Kit.

Paderborn 13-14 Saller Third Kit is white with a simple round neck-collar. There are black lines around the Paderoborn 2013-14 Third Shirt.

The shorts of the Paderborn 2013-14 Third Kit are white with black details.