Swansea 13-14 (2013-14) Home and Away Kits Released

Adidas and Swansea released several Swansea 13-14 Kits teaser pics in the last days showing every day some more parts of the new Swansea 13-14 Home and Away kits made by adidas. Today the club finally unveiled the new Swansea 13-14 Home and Away Kit together with their sponsor agreement with the global financial services provider Goldenway (GWFX).

Swansea 13-14 Home Kit

This is the new Swansea 2013-14 Home Kit.

The new Swansea 2013-14 Home Kit is based on the adidas Tiro 13 Kit template which is also used for the Stoke City 13-14 Away Kit made by adidas. The new Swansea 13-14 Home Shirt is mainly white black parts on the sleeves and black adidas stripes.

After two seasons with 32Red on the Swansea kits, the new sponsor GWFX features on the Swansea shirts. The GWFX logo includes the gold logo of the company and the Chinese name of the online trade company 金道 as a lettering under the logo.

The shorts and the socks of the new Swansea 13-14 Home Kit are white with black elements.

Swansea 13-14 Away Kit

New Swansea 13-14 Away kit comes in the unusal purple / yellow color combination and features the adidas Toque 13 Template. The new Swansea 13-14 Away Kit is mainly purple with a yellow design on the upper part of the shirt.

The sponsor logo of GWFX suits well to the rest of the new Swansea Away Kit. The adidas logo on the Swansea 13-14 Away Kit is black, while the Swansea badge is white.

The shorts of the new Swansea 13-14 Away kit are yellow, the socks are purple.