4 Mercurial Vapor IX 2014 Boots Leaked - In Honor of the 4 World Cup Mercurial Boots

We have showed you a picture of the January 2014 Nike Mercurial Vapor with the branding 98 M, which stands for the year 1998, when the Nike Mercurial line was founded and marked the beginning of the success story of the Nike mercurial line - the most popular boot series.

The brand honours the great history of the Mercurial Boot with a boot colorway that was used at the four World Cups since 1998. Thanks to the Chinese site Kicks we are able to show you the three other Nike Mercurial Vapor IX boots, which will be released from January every month.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX 2014 Boots

These are the four Nike Mercurial Vapor IX 2014 boots, which are all part of the upcoming Nike pack to honour the Mercurial Boot.

The first Nike Mercurial Vapor IX 2014 Boot Colorway features the main colors turquoise and green with orange applications and a silver tongue. Unlike the three other Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boots, the remake of the 1998 Mercurial Boot comes with the normal Mercurial Vapor IX color gradient and does not feature the colors of the original boot design.

The second Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boot, which was worn in a similar design by Ronaldo during the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, will be released in February 2014. The new remark of the 2002 Nike Mercurial Boot comes with similar colors as the base. The February 2014 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Colorway comes with the lettering 02M, which stands for 2002 Mercurial.

The third Nike Mercurial Vapor IX March 2014 Boot is a Boot that features the ame colors as the 2006 Nike Mercurial Boot with the branding 06M. The remark of that famous boot comes with a similar color gradient as the 2006 version, which differs from the normal gradient used for the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX.

The last Nike Mercurial Vapor IX World Cup Remark Colorway is based on the Mercurial boot design during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The 2010 remark Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boot features the colors silver / orange and a similar color gradient effect as the 2010 boot. The boot comes with the branding 10M.

Which of these special Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Colorways is your favourite? Leave your comment below.