Adidas 14-15 (2014-15) Teamwear Kits Leaked

Adidas will release the new 2014 World Cup Kits from December 2013, so they are going to unveil their new 2014-15 templates way earlier than in other years. Today we are able to show you the first leaked pictures of the new Adidas 2014-15 templates, which will be unveiled in December 2013. Adidas will carry over several old templates, including the following templates:

Campeon13, Tiro13, Squadra13, Autheno 12, Estro 13

Adidas 14-15 Condivo 14 Jersey

This is the new 2014-15 Condivo 14 Shirt.

The Adidas Condivo 14 Kit is the new Adidas Premium template, which will be used as base of many Adidas 2014 World Cup Kits and the 2014-15 club team kits. The Adidas Condivo 14 Jersey is avialable in five different color variations.

Adidas 14-15 Tabela 14 Jersey

This is the new Adidas 2014-15 Tabe 14 Shirt.

The Adidas Tabela 14 Jersey comes in 15 different color combinations and is going to be used for the 2014-15 kits and the 2014 World Cup Kits. The Tabela 14 Kit reminds to the actual Schalke 04 Home Kit and features a round collar and sleeve cuffs.

Adidas Regista 14 14-15 Jersey

This is the new Adidas Regista 2014-15 Shirt.

Adidas 14-15 Entrada 14 Jersey

The new Estrada 2014-15 Jersey comes without the classical Adidas stripes.

The Adidas Entrada 14 Jersey is very simple and is avialable in five different colors and may will be used for few 2014-15 kits.

Adidas 14-15 Campeon 13 Jersey

This is the Adidas Campeon 13 Shirt.

Known from the Spain 2013 Confed Cup Kit, the maybe most used 2013-14 template comes with the noticeable V.

Adidas 14-15 Tiro 13 Jersey

The Tiro 13 Shirt was used a base for various English club kits.

The Tiro 13 Jersey will be used also in 2014-15.

Adidas 14-15 Squadra 13 Jersey

Adidas will takeover the Squadra 13 Shirt, which was introduced in 2013.

Adidas 14-15 Autheno 12 Jersey

Adidas will also takeover the Autheno 12 Kit, which was introduced in 2012.

Adidas 14-15 Striped Estro 13 Jersey

The Striped Estro 13 Jersey will be also used in 2014-15.

Adidas 14-15 Onore 14 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the new Adidas 2014 World Cup Goalkeeper Kit.

The new Adidas Onore 14 2014-15 Kit is designed especially for goalkeepers and will be used at the 2014 World Cup.