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White / Sky Blue Adidas Adipure 11pro II Boot Released

Today a white Adidas Adipure 11pro 2 Colorway was released. The new next-generation Adidas Adipure 2 Boot was unveiled in October 2013 and featured the fresh main color purple. The latest Adidas Adipure next-generation boot is white with sky blue parts.

While the purple release colorway was really unusual for the Adidas Heritage Boot, the white colorway demonstrates the pure class of the Adipure silo. Established in 2008 as competitor for the Nike Tiempo Boot series, the Adidas Adipure Cleat is worn by players like Philipp Lahm and Hernanes.

Adidas Adipure 2 Running White / Solar Blue / Black

The white Adidas Adipure 11pro II colorway .

Made from Taurus leather, the upper of the white Adidas Adipure 11 pro II Boot is designed for excellence performance. The key elements of the 11pro II Boot are a superior ball feeling as well as fit & comfort. The forefoot area comes with Vamp stiching for a perfect fit.

The main color of the white Adipure Boot is white, while the three Adidas stripes are black. The striking sky blue color was added to make the boot noticeable on the pitch with blue laces and a blue heel.

The lining and in the inner sole of the white 11pro boot are solar blue and designed to keep the upper soft. On the inner sole features the logo 11pro as well as the black Adidas branding.

The outsole of the Adidas Adipure 11pro II Boot has been completely redesigned for the new generation to offer traction and comfort. The Comfort Frame should distribute the pressure to offer a comfort fit. The stud configuration features now smaller studs and more studs for a better traction.

The best version, the white Adidas 11pro 2 Boot is available for 150 USD (125 GBP, 170 Euro). The downgrade version of the Adidas Adipure 11pro Boot is the Adidas Adipure 11nova, which comes without the Taurus leather, is much heavier and features a different outsole. The cheapest version of the boot is called Adidas 11questra Boot.