Warrior Gambler White / Black / Pink Boot Colorway Released

Warrior yesterday released ahead of the Manchester Derby a new Warrior Gambler colorway for the boot face Fellaini, who joined ManU from Everton on Deadline Day. Fellaini will wear the new Warrior Gambler Boot in todays clash between the big rivals from Manchester, while other Warrior Gambler players are Jonás Gutierrez and Craig Bellamy.

Warrior is known for their Liverpool football kit designs that a very other than those from other brands because of the design reminding to the worst kits of the 1990s.

Warrior Gambler White / Black / Pink Boot Colorway

This is the new Warrior Gambler for Fellaini.

The new Warrior Gambler S-Lite FG Boot White / Black / Pink Boot Colorway features a disgusting design. The new Warrioir Gambler Boot comes with a white / black pattern, while the innder side features pink details.

The Warrior Gambler S-Lite Boot features a Ace-Plade placed on the instep and a lightweight upper. The Royal Flash Inner provides comfort as its prevent stiching inside the boot. The Lay-Off lacing allows a larger strike zone, while the Wildcard Tech Mesh is lightweiht and makes the design unique.

The new Warrior Gambler Boot is designed for control and worn by midfielders and defenders playing killer balls and long and short passes. The Warrior Gambler Boot S-Lite is the control line of Warrior similar to the CTR360 Maestri from Nike and the Predator LZ by Adidas.

Manchester United player Fellaini posted this photo yesterday on Twitter showing his new boot for todays clash against Manchester City. The Warrior Fellaini Boot is designed for control.