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Arsenal 14-15 (2014-15) Puma Home, Away, Third Kits Released

Arsenal 14-15 Kits released - Arsenal are switching to Puma for the 2014-15 Arsenal Kits and in October a photo from a Puma photo shooting was leaked by British sprinter Linford Christie who was at the event alongside Puma players Giroud, Henry and Sagna.

We are able to show all pictures of the Arsenal 14-15 Kits, confirming the previous kit leaks. Fly Emirates again sponsors the new Arsenal Shirts.

Arsenal 14-15 Puma Home Kit

This is the new Arsenal 2014-15 Puma Home Shirt.

The Arsenal 2014-15 Home Kit comes in red with traditional white sleeves and white shorts. There are red details on the sleeves of the Arsenal 14-15 Home Shirt.

Inside the collar of the new Arsenal 14-15 Kits features the club motto: Future, Forever, Victorious.

The new Arsenal 14-15 Kit is based on the Puma 2014-15 Speed Shortsleeved Shirt, but comes with the premium variation of the template. On Sunday, the Arsenal Ladies wore a limited edition of the new Arsenal Home Kit, based on the normal teamwear template.

The Arsenal 14-15 Home Kit shorts are white with a red trim on the side. The socks of the Arsenal 14-15 Kit are white/red-hooped, a style previously worn during 1994 and 1996.

Arsenal 14-15 Puma Away Kit

This is the new Arsenal 2014-15 Puma Away Shirt.

The Arsenal 14-15 Away Kit is yellow with navy sleeves and a red Puma Cat logo on the chest and both sleeves. The Fly Emirates logo on the front of the kit is red, the iconic color of the airline.

The shorts of the new Arsenal 14-15 Away Kit are navy with yellow applications, while the socks are navy / yellow.

Arsenal 14-15 Third Kit

This picture is showing the new Arsenal 2014-15 Third Kit.

The Arsenal 14-15 Third Kit features the most striking design of the set. Based on the same template as the Italy 2014 World Cup Home Kit, the Arsenal 2014-15 Third Kit features two tones of blue with lime green elements. While the sleeves are plain blue, light blue diagonal stripes appear on the front of the kit.

Navy shorts with a yellow trim and navy / light blue socks complete the look of the new Arsenal 14-15 Third Shirt.

Arsenal 14-15 Goalkeeper Kits

These pictures are showing the new Arsenal Puma Goalkeeper Kits.

The new Arsenal 2014-2015 Goalkeeper Kits are based on the same template as the Puma 2014 World Cup Goalkeeper Shirt. Therefore, the black Arsenal 14-15 Goalkeeper Home Kit comes with a unique graphic on the front, while the Arsenal 2014-15 Goalkeeper Away Kit is lime green.

The new Arsenal 14-15 Puma Kits were presented on July 10, 2014.