Colombia 2014 World Cup Kits Released

Colombia 2014 World Cup Away Kit released - the new Colombia 2014 World Cup Away Shirt was unveiled today as the last Adidas 2014 World Cup Away Shirts.

For the 2014 World Cup Away Kit Adidas decided to choose red as main color, which used to be a traditional color for Colombia Away Shirts in the past and is a favorite among the fans.

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Colombia 2014 World Cup Away Kit

This is the new Colombia 2014 World Cup Away Kit.

Footy Headlines revealed three months ago that the new Colombia 2014 World Cup Away Kit will be red (saturated red) with the same blue color as the Home kit. The shorts of the Colombia Away Shirt will be dark blue, while the socks will be red.

The new pic shows the Colombia 2014 Away Kit, which is based on the Condivo 14 template. It features a two colored collar as well as white Adidas stripes and a white Adidas logo. The new Colombia 2014 Away Jersey will be presented in early 2014.

The new Colombia 2014 World Cup Home Kit was released in November. It's the first 2014 World Cup Kit made by Adidas which was presented this week, while other Adidas World Cup Brazil Jerseys will be unveiled next week. Colombia 2014 Home Kit pays tribute to the country, so it includes some elements that represent Colombia.

Colombia 2014 World Cup Home Kit

This is the new Colombia 2014 Home Shirt made by Adidas, which will be used in Brazil.

The base color of the new Colombia World Cup Jersey is yellow, while the blue Adidas stripes and the front lines represent the dynamic and speed of the country. While the white color features on the collar and the sleeve cuffs, the new Colombia 2014 Home Jersey comes also with a red horizontal line on the back, which will be a part of all Adidas national team kits and shows the connection of all countries taking part at the World Cup.

The Colombia 2014 World Cup Kit features the following three unique elements of major importance for the country to bring the message of unity and pride.

Sombrero vueltiao (turned hat): As a typical symbol the Sombrero vueltiao features inside the blue stripe on the front of the kit.

Andean Condor: The South American bird is a symbol of Colombia and features on the back of the kit under the collar. It comes together with the Hashtag #UnidosPorUnPais (United for a nation), which shows the unifying effect of the National team.

The white color of the sleeve cuffs and the collar represents peace.

Instead of the traditional kit combination, the shorts and the socks of the Colombia 2014 Home Kit will be white with dark blue applications and Adidas stripes. Like Spain, Germany and Argentina the kit of the German Manufactor Adidas, partner of FIFA, are breaking with the traditional color combinations which are going to cause some debates in the near future.