Complete New Nike Ordem Match Ball Unveiled

The new Nike Ordem 2014-15 Ball has been leaked last week and was offcially released today by Nike with the film Straight Down the Middle. The film features a lighthearted golf game between Wayne Rooney and Rory McIlroy. Rooney just takes the new Nike Ordem Ball, while Rory McIlroy uses a Nike golf club to complete the course. The short film also features Ronaldo.

The new Nike Ordem Ball features a completly new panel design as well as a new surface designed for speed. After the Nike Incyte featured the same panel design and surface as the Maxim Ball, the new Nike Ordem Ball was redesigned for true flight, accuracy and control which is provided throught the new Nike Aerowtrac technology and the micro-fiber upper.

Nike Ordem Ball

The new Nike Ordem Ball comes in orange / yellow.

The design of the Nike Ordem 2014 Matchball is inspired by Brazil and features the logo of the Brazil Football Federation on the surface. The main color of the ball is orange with a gradient to yellow.

The Nike RaDaR technology increases reactions and visibility, made possible with various design elements. The dark navy design on the surface is similar to the one used for the Nike Incyte Ball.

According to Nike the new Nike Ordem Ball features a perfect Sphericity which allows the ball to fly faster, farther and more accurately. The Geometric Precision of the Nike Ordem Ball distributes the pressure for a stronger and accurate strike.

The most important part of each Matchball is the casing. The new Nike Ordem 2014 Ball comes with a merger of three synthetic layers and Micro-textured casing to equalize surface air flow.

The new Nike Ordem Ball will be used by all Nike-sponsored Federations from early 2014 and is available from December 5 at selected retailers including