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FC Barcelona 14-15 (2014-15) Home, Away and Third Kits

FC Barcelona 14-15 Kits - The new FC Barcelona 2014-2015 Away Kit captures the youthful spirit of La Masia, while the Barcelona 14-15 Home Kit was released in May 2014. In December 2013, the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo leaked drafts of the new FC Barcelona 2014-2015 Jerseys.

Leaked: Revolutionary New FC Barcelona 2015-2016 Kits

FC Barcelona play with Yellow / Red Senyara Kit against Athletic Bilbao

While the new FC Barcelona 14-15 Home Kit comes again with simple vertical stripes, the new FC Barcelona 14-15 Away Jersey will be bright orange. The new FC Barcelona 2014-2015 Third Kit is garish yellow / blue.

FC Barcelona 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new FC Barcelona 2014-15 Home Shirt made by Nike.

The new FC Barcelona 2014-15 comes with less vertical stripes and features blue sleeves. The striking detail of the new Barca 2014-2015 kit is the blue round collar, which comes with a Catalan flag triangular shaped front.

The Qatar Airways sponsor logo will be white again. The Barcelona 14-15 Home Shorts are dark blue with a yellow Nike swoosh and red lines on both sides. The new Barcelona 14-15 Home Kit socks are blue with a red trim at the top and a red design at the back. They also feature the writing Barca on the front below the Nike swoosh.

FC Barcelona 14-15 Away Kit

The new FC Barcelona 2014 Away Jersey is orange.

Similar to the 2009-10 and 1992 the new FC Barcelona 14-15 Away Kit comes with the striking color orange capturing the youthful spirit of La Masia. It features an orange crew-neck collar with a Catalan flag detail on the backside, while the sleeve cuffs feature blue and red halves.

The Nike swoosh on the Barcelona 2014-2015 Away Shirt is blue while the Qatar Airways sponsor logo comes in the company's original purple color.

The writing Barca is placed below the collar on the back, where we can also spot the Unicef logo at the bottom in dark blue.

The shorts of the new Barcelona 14-15 Kit are orange and feature a blue line on the side.

FC Barcelona 2014-15 Third Kit

This is the new Barcelona 14-15 Third Jersey.

The new Barcelona 2014-2015 Third Shirt features to tones of yellow, as well as navy accents and comes with a classical collar. The front of the Barcelona 14-15 Third Kit comes in a very light yellow color, while the collar and the entire back of the Barcelona 2014-15 Third Shirt are colored in a darker shade of chartreuse.

The shorts and socks of the new Barcelona 2014-15 Third Kit also sport the design, similarly as seen on the Manchester United 14-15 Third Kit.

Additional to the Barcelona 14-15 Third Shirt, it has been rumored that Barcelona will also use the 13-14 'Senyera' Away Shirt in some matches. Catalan newspaper Ara reported that the club were in talks to wear the Senyera Kit in the home match against Athletic Bilbao in September during the celebrations of the Tricentenari.

FC Barcelona 14-15 Goalkeeper Home Kit

These are the new FC Barcelona 2014-2015 Goalkeeper Jerseys.

The new black / grey FC Barcelona 14-15 Goalkeeper Home Shirt features a unique diagonal gradient design, which is also used for the ice blue FC Barcelona 14-15 Goalkeeper Away Kit.

The shorts and the socks of the new FC Barcelona 14-15 Goalkeeper Kits are using the light color of the main shirt.