Warrior Superheat: Warrior Release a Speed Boot

Warrior today unveiled a complete new speed silo - The Warrior Superheat. The new Warrior Speed Boot will join the Control Boot called Gambler as well as the Power Boot called Skreamer. The Gambler Boot is worn by Fellaini who joined Manchester United this season while Vincent Kompany is the face of the Warrior Skreamer.

Warrior has released a teaser of the new Boot some days ago and today they finally published the new Warrior Superheat Boot. Warrior had registered the trademark Superheat in January 2013 used among football boots, which was the first lead that Warrior could unveil a new boot silo.

The new Warrior Superheat campaign comes with the slogan Think quick, move fast, wear light - PLAY WITH FIRE.

Warrior Superheat

The new Warrior Superheat Boot is mainly blue with yellow applications.

Thomas Ince is the new boot face of the Warrior Superheat and will make the debut in the new Speed Boot in the Under-21 Match against Finland. The boot will be available at selected retailers from December 5, while it can be pre-ordered from today.

The new Warrior Superheat boot comes with a totally new Tri-fusion construction, which provides touch and speed in all conditions. It comes with three seperate layers for water resistance, support and touch.

The neoweb base provides freedom of movement, while the nanocradle sits provides optimal agility. The organitouch outer layer is designed for control, also at high speed.

Next to the blue releasing colorway Warrior also unveiled a new red Warrior Superheat Boot. The new red Warrior Superheat Boot comes with yellow applications.

In total the new Warrior Superheat boot comes with a weight of a bit more than 200g.