Adidas Nitrocharge Brown Earth Pack 2014 Boot Released

Adidas Nitrocharge February 2014 Boot Colorway released - Adidas today unveiled the new Adidas Nitrocharge 2014 Earth Pack Football Boot (official name: Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Earth Green / White / Solar Zest).

The new Adidas Nitrocharge Football Shoe is designed to return energy and is worn by players identified as 'The Engine'. Players who wear the Nitrocharge Boot are De Rossi, Lavezzi, Dani Alves, Javi Martinez and Manuel Neuer.

The Adidas Nitrocharge 2014 next-generation boot was leaked one week ago and will be revealed in August 2014.

Adidas Nitrocharge Earth Green / Running White / Solar Zest

The new Adidas Nitrocharge Boot comes with the main color brown.

The Hybridtouch upper of the new Adidas Nitrocharge Boot is made from synthetic materials and features the uncommon color brown. Developed to return energy, the Adidas Nitrocharge 2014 Boot is made for the midfield player who never stops running.

Unlike the most other boots, which are made for attacking players, the Nitrocharge Boot is the only Energy boot on the market, making them a great choice for midfield players and defenders who run throughout 90 minutes. Adidas introduced several new technologies which help to return energy.

The most eye-catching and discussed part of the Adidas Nitrocharge Brown Football Shoe is the Energylising on the upper, which is orange and help to lose less energy with every step. The inner sole of the Nitrocharge 1.0 2014 Boot is orange, while the Outsole comes also in orange.

This new Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Football Boot colorway will be worn by the best players on the pitch from April 1st 2014. The cheaper downgrade versions of the Adidas Nitrocharge Boot are called Nitrocharge 2.0 and Nitrocharge 3.0.