Shirts Round-Up: New 2014 Kits for Alibrex Niigata, Colo Colo, Racing Club and Shimizu S-Pulse

In this post we want to show you the new kits of Alibrex Niigata, Colo Colo, Racing Club de Avellaneda and Shimzu S-Pulse, which were unveiled in the last few days.

Albirex Niigata 2014 Home Kit

This is the new Albirex Niigata 2014 Home Shirt made by adidas. The new Albirex Niigata 14-15 Home Kit is based on the adidas Condivo 14 template and comes in orange with blue stripes. The shorts and socks of the new Kit are orange with blue details.

Colo Colo 2014 Under Armour Home and Away Kits

This pic shows the new Colo Colo 2014 Kits made by Under Armour.

Chilean club Colo Colo also unveiled the new 2014 Colo Kits. The new Colo Colo kits are made by Under Armour, while previously Umbro was the kit sponsor of Colo Colo.

The new Colo Colo 2014 Home Kit is white with black details on the collar and the shoulder area of the shirt, while shorts are black and socks white, respectively.

The Colo Colo 2014 Away Kit comes in the same template but with opposite colors.

Racing Club 2014 Home and Away Kits

The new Racing Club 2014 Home and Away Shirts were also unveiled. The Racing Club 2014 Home Kit has a classical look and is white/light blue-striped.

The Racing Club 2014 Away Shirt is black/gray-striped while also featuring light blue details in the Topper logo, the sleeve cuffs and a light blue outline of the club badge.

Shimizu S-Pulse 2014 Puma Home and Away Kits

The Shimizu S-Pulse 2014 Home Shirt is based on the Puma Evopower template and comes in orange with yellow horinzotal lines. The collar and sleeve cuffs are black, while the back of the shirt features a world map.

The world map is a historical part of the Shimizu S-Pulse kits which was inspired by the Japan Airlines sponsorship from 1992 to 2005. It became iconic to the club and was kept even though Shimizu S-Pulse meanwhile have other shirt sponsors.

The new Shimizu S-Pulse 2014 Away Kit is white with blue sleeves and has a v-collar. The lower back of the new Shimizu 2014 Away Shirt features a watermark of Mount Fuji, which already appeared on lsat year's Away Kit.