New Liverpool 14-15 (2014-15) Home, Away + Third Kits

New Liverpool 2014-15 Kits - the new Liverpool 2014-15 Away Kit was released ahead of the friendly against Shamrock Rovers, while the new Liverpool 14-15 Third Shirt was unveiled today. The designs of the new Liverpool 2014-15 Home, Away and Third Kits by Warrior Sports were leaked via draws by RAWK user fumler some months ago.

The new Liverpool 14-15 Kits feature rather normal designs compared to the previous efforts from Warrior for the Merseyside team. Especially the Liverpool 14-15 Away and Third Kits are more traditional after the last two seasons with rather crazy designs for the Away and Alternative shirts.

Liverpool 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new Liverpool 2014-15 Home Kit.

The Liverpool 2014-15 Home Kit is mainly red with white details, while the Liverpool badge is golden, same as in the last two seasons with Warrior.

Liverpool 14-15 Home Shirt features a white trim on the collar as well as on the side of the shirt and the sleeves. The sleeve cuffs of the Liverpool 2014-15 Home Kit are white, while a "Geometric LFC jacquard print" features on the shirt. The back of the shirt comes with the 96 logo to commemorate the events at Hillsborough in 1989.

Liverpool 2014-2015 Away Kit

This is the new Liverpool 2014-15 Away Kit.

Liverpool 14-15 Away Kit is yellow with a simple collar and red trims around the shoulder area as well as on the sides of the shirt. The Liverpool badge and the sponsor logos are red, same as the sleeve cuffs.

Daniel Sturridge: "the stand-out Liverpool away kits were always the yellow ones."

It is the first time Liverpool have a yellow change Kit since the 2006-07 season when they were sponsored by Adidas. Yellow Liverpool Away Kits have been frequently used in the past, especially in the 1980s.

Liverpool 14-15 Third Shirt

This is the new Liverpool 2014-15 Third Kit.

The Liverpool 2014-15 Third Kit is probably the most experimental of the three, it is mainly black with a red convertible collar and dark grey hoops on the front. The sleeves of the new Liverpool 14-15 Third Shirt are black while the lower side is grey and the sleeve cuffs are red.

The front also features a red and grey sash from the right to left. The Liverpool logo on the Third Kit is golden while the sponsor logos are white. Liverpool first had a black change kit in 2002-03 and it has been frequently used since then, last time for the 2012-13 Away Kit, which was already made by Warrior.

The shorts and the socks of the new Liverpool 14-15 Third Kit are black with red details.

Liverpool 14-15 Goalkeeper Kits

This is the new Liverpool 2014-2015 Goalkeeper Jersey.

The new Liverpool 2014-15 Goalkeeper Home Shirt is based on the same template as the Home Kit and comes in purple with black accents. The Warrior and Standard Chartered logos are white, while the Liverbird is golden.

The Liverpool 14-15 Goalkeeper Away and Third Kits are using templates as the player kits, with the Away GK is black and the Third GK beige / white / red.