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Blue / Black Adidas Predator Instinct 2014-2015 Boot Released

Adidas Predator Instinct July 2014 Football Boot Released - Adidas unveiled the next-generation of the Adidas Predator Boot ahead of the 2014 World Cup, featuring the iconic Battle Pack Design. The new Adidas Predator Instinct 2014 Battle Pack World Cup Boot was released in late May 2014.

During and after the 2014 World Cup, Adidas releases two conventional Adidas Predator Boot Colorways, which feature the remarkable design elements of the next-generation Boot.

Originally released in 1994, Adidas will celebrate the 20-years anniversary of the famous Predator silo with three iconic Predator Remakes. Similar to recent next-generation releases, Adidas offers more than one release colorway. The blue Predator Boot Colorway will be released together with the black / red Adidas Predator Instinct boot. The black / red Predator boot colorway is the main colorway of the Instinct and is already worn by several players in the pre-season training.

Adidas Predator Instinct (Solar Blue / Core White / Black)

This is the blue Adidas Predator Instinct Boot Colorway.

The new Adidas Predator Instinct Boot is designed for the fearless player. Instinct is what separates the Hunters from the Hunted. The Adidas Predator Instinct Football Boot is made for ultimate control through a new engineered gel pad on the upper made for more accurate passes and control. The Hybridtouch upper combines the advantages of a leather and a synthetic boot in one material.

Instinct is what separates the Hunters from the Hunted.

The new Predator Instinct July 2014 Boot Colorway is divided in a blue and a black part, which is united with a blue bubble color gradient. The three Adidas stripes are white, while the boot features some restrained pink details on the studs, the tongue and the heel of the boot.

The semi-transparent outsole of the 2014 Adidas Predator Instinct Soccer Cleat is made for firm ground surfaces. The control frame outsole element is designed for ultimate touch through the forefoot.

The pink number 2014 is part of the tongue, while the Predator lettering appears on the heel of the boot. The insole of the new 2014-2015 Predator Instinct Boot is pink as well. The price of the new Adidas Predator Instinct Boot is 220 Euro (220 USD, 190 GBP).

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