Nike Risk Everything 2014 World Cup Campaign Launched

The Nike Risk Everything 2014 World Cup campaign was launched today with a film starring Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Neymar showing the pressure of the biggest players during the World Cup, the world's biggest stage. While we have written about the new Nike Football Club (Nike F.C.) campaign, Nike Football: Risk Everything marks the begin of the new Nike World Cup campaign.

The new Nike Risk Everything campaign starts with Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Neymar preparing alone for a World Cup match, while they are soon surrounded by raucous fans clamoring for a glimpse of their hero. Unlike the Nike 2010 World Cup campaign (Write The Future), only three players are part of the Nike Risk Everything 2014 film.

Nike Risk Everything 2014 World Cup Campaign Film

The film opens with Cristano Ronaldos lonely way through an airport, but he is soon surrounded by Portugal fans. The way to the stadium in Lisbon is mobbed with Cristiano Ronaldo shirts and billboards, showing the pressure of the whole country to score a goal.

Meanwhile, Rooney dresses in his hotel room as commentators remind him what he already knows: his stellar career still lacks a goal scored for England on the greatest stage. Media hound him as he exits the hotel, vividly portraying the intense scrutiny Rooney faces in his home country and beyond.

Neymar watches fervent supporters from inside the team bus. At the stadium, he walks its halls toward the pitch but lets himself glimpse up at the great No.10 shirts of the team’s past. Neymar, who is confronted with unmistakable pressure, instead allows a hint of a smile in the Nike "Risk Everything" 2014 World Cup Campaign.

Amateur Players from around the globe will have the chance to take part in the ultimate small-sided football tournament. You are able to build a local team and be part of the Nike Football tournemant in more than 30 cities, while the winner of each local tournament will take place in the city final to determine the best team of each city.