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Warrior Skreamer II 2014 Boot Released

Warrior Skreamer II 2014 Football Boot released - Warrior today unveiled the second generation of the Warrior Skreamer Boot, which is designed for the player who dominate the pitch with power and precision. The first generation of the Warrior Skreamer Boot was released in 2012.

The Warrior Skreamer Boot was the first football boot designed by the at that time unknown brand, which entered the market with the signing of Liverpool in 2012. The Warrior Skreamer next-generation soccer cleat will be worn by Vincent Kompany and Jonás Gutiérrez.

Warrior Skreamer II Boot Infinity/Astro Turf/Laser Blue/Hi Viz

This is the new Warrior Skreamer II next-generation Blue / Light Green Boot.

The second addition of the Warrior Skreamer Boot features many new technologies developed by the brand. The upper is made from a premium microfiber, which helps to reduce the weight of the boot which is designed for power. Therfore, the Warrior Skreamer II Boot weights just 230 gram.

Warrior choiced bright colors for the first colorway of the Skreamer II Boot. The mainly light blue boot comes with similar colors as the host country of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil. The upper features striking yellow and green applications, while the outsole is mainly yellow. Warrior also unveiled a new logo for the Skreamer, while the Warrior logo is placed on the inner side of the Skreamer II boot.

The new Warrior Skreamer 2 Boot offers a glove-like fit to allow a better ball control. The front upper area of the Warrior Skreamer 2014 Boot features the micro-injected Arrowhead Vamp for a better strike zone. This should help to shoot faster with more accuracy.

The heel of the boot features the signature Murderhole Cutouts for more comfort around the Achilles. The mid food cage called is designed to protect the mid-food and offers more stability as well. Warrior also redesigned the lacing system by creating a Deeplace configuration combined with a SkreamFree construction system.

The Warrior Skreamer II Boot is available for 125 GBP (160 Euro, 180 USD).