Genoa CFC 14-15 Home and Away Kits Released

The new Genoa CFC Lotto 2014-2015 Home and Away Kits were presented yesterday. Lotto, who have been the kit supplier since 2012, again makes the new Genoa 14-14 Kits, which feature no sponsor logo yet. The new Genoa 14-15 Jerseys are true to the club history with the iconic Genoa design.

Genoa 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new Genoa 2014-15 Home Kit.

The new Genoa CFC 2014-2015 Home Kit features the traditional blue / red half-and-half kit design, while the sleeves are also divided in a blue and a red half.

Under the club crest is the slogan “Il club più antico d’Italia” ( The oldest club in Italy) to honor the oldest Italian club, founded 121 years ago in 1893.

Lotto designed a unique blue classical collar, while on the back under the neckline is the date 1893.

The shorts of the new Genoa Home Kit are blue with a red trim, the socks are also blue.

Genoa 14-15 Away Shirt

This is the new Genoa CFC 2014-15 Away Jersey.

The new white Genoa CFC 2014-15 Away Kit is based on the same template as the home shirt, while a red and a blue horizontal stripe on the front dominate the new away shirt.

White shorts and white socks complete the all-white Genoa CFC 14-15 Away Kit.

Genoa 14-15 Goalkeeper Kits

These are the new Genoa CFC 2014-2015 Goalkeeper Jerseys.

The new green Genoa CFC 14-15 Goalkeeper Home Kit is inspired by the goalkeeper shirt worn by former Genoa goalkeeper Silvano Martina.

The spectacular black / yellow goalkeeper kit honors the shirt worn in 1991-92, when Genoa was the first Italian side to beat Liverpool at Anfield, while the navy Genoa CFC 2014-15 Goalkeeper Third Kit honors their former goalkeeper Simone Braglia, who had been unbeaten for 791 minutes in 1963-64.