New Beşiktaş 14-15 Kits Released

Beşiktaş 2014-2015 Kits Unveiled - For the 2014-15 season, Beşiktaş introduces a totally new home shirt design, removing the iconic black / white striped kit design, while the club also released the new Beşiktaş 14-15 Away and Third Shirts.

In August 2013, Beşiktaş signed a record-breaking 15-years deal with the British telecommunications company Vodafone, that includes naming rights to the new Istanbul stadium as well as the shirt sponsorship from the 2014-15. The new Beşiktaş 2014-15 Home Kit is likely changed to include the red Vodafone logo.

Beşiktaş 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new Beşiktaş 2014-2015 Home Shirt.

The brand new Beşiktaş 2014-15 Home Kit is mainly white with a bold red and black horizontal stripe design, which includes the white Vodafone logo placed on a red base.

The famous Beşiktaş logo is placed on the left chest, while the new Beşiktaş 14-15 Home Shirt features a modern white / black crew neck collar. Like the kit collar, the new Beşiktaş Home Kit sleeve cuffs feature black details.

The totally new design of the Beşiktaş 14-15 Home Jersey became a subject of controversial debate.

Beşiktaş 14-15 Away Jersey

This is the new Beşiktaş 2014-15 Away Shirt.

The new Beşiktaş 2014-2015 Away Kit is mainly black, based on the Adidas template also used for the Real Madrid Kits, sporting a classical collar with buttons. The body of the Beşiktaş 14-15 Away Shirt holds a pattern design print of the Beşiktaş mascot, an eagle.

Shorts and socks will be black and combine to an all-black Beşiktaş 2014-2015 Away Shirt.

Beşiktaş 14-15 Third Kit

This is the new Beşiktaş 14-15 Third Shirt.

The new Beşiktaş 14-15 Third Shirt is based on Adidas' omnipresent Condivo 14 Template and comes in red as main color with white accents, mainly on the collar and the sleeves. On this image it seems the new Beşiktaş 2014-2015 Third Jersey features a light unique front pattern design.

The shorts and socks of the Beşiktaş 14-15 Third Kit will be red and white as well.

The new Besiktas 14-15 Home, Away and Third Kits were released on July 15.