New Málaga 14-15 Home, Away and Third Kits Released

Málaga today unveiled the new Málaga 14-15 Away Kit. The new Málaga 110th Anniversary 2014-15 Home Shirt was released in July and the black/gray-striped Málaga 2014-2015 Third Kit was released on August 3. The new Málaga 14-15 Home Shirt was unveiled to celebrate 110 years of football in Málaga. The precedessor club CD Málaga was founded back in 1904.

The Málaga 2014-15 Kits are made by Nike and continue to feature non-commercial Unesco as sponsor print.

Málaga 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new 110 years anniversary Málaga 2014-2015 Home Shirt.

Based on the Nike Inter Stripe IV Jersey, the new Málaga 2014-15 Home Jersey sports a simple look with sky blue and white stripes on body and sleeves. Only the back of the Málaga 14-15 Home Shirt is solid light blue, accomodating the newly designed yellow font with black border. used for player names and numbers.

The Málaga 2014-2015 Home Shirt features a special graphic design honouring 110 years of football in Málaga on the upper back below the collar as well as a special fan-designed badge on the left sleeve.

The shorts and socks of the new Málaga 2014-15 Kit are simple and white, as usual.

Málaga 2014-15 Away Kit

This is the new Málaga 2014-2015 Away Shirt by Nike.

The new Málaga 14-15 Away Jersey is also based on Nike's Inter Stripe IV Jersey and comes in the black / gray variant. The Málaga 2014-2015 Away Shirt features black and gray stripes on the front, while the back is only striped at the bottom leaving a gray block for the yellow back numbers.

The special 110 years of football in Málaga logo is placed on the upper back below the gray v-collar.

The shorts and socks of the new Málaga 14-15 Away Kit are black with white Nike swooshes.

Málaga 14-15 Third Kit

This is the new yellow Málaga 2014-2015 Third Jersey by Nike.

Based on the very basic Nike Park V Jersey template, the new Málaga 2014-15 Third Shirt is plain yellow with a black Nike swoosh. Yellow shorts and socks will be used for the Málaga 14-15 Third Kit which will be worn for the first time against West Ham at Schalke Cup.

The new Málaga 2014-2015 Third Kit shorts and socks are also yellow with black accents.

Málaga 14-15 Goalkeeper Jersey

The new Málaga 2014-2015 Goalkeeper Home Shirt is green with yellow details on the sleeves.