Warrior Gambler Hi-Viz 14-15 Boot Colorway Released

Warrior today unveiled a new volt / blue / black Gambler Football Boot Colorway, officially called Warrior Gambler Hi-Viz Colorway. The new Warrior Gambler II Boot was introduced in May 2014, while Warrior has given its second generation a refresh with the launch of the Hi-Viz colorway.

Warrior Gambler Hi-Viz Boot Colorway

This is the new yellow / blue / black Warrior Gambler 2014-15 Cleat Colorway.

For the 2014-15 season, Warrior offers a fresh new look for the Warrior Gambler Boot, designed to control the game. The new Warrior Gambler Volt Boot Colorway features light blue laces and black applications, while the outsole of the new Warrior Gambler 14-15 Boot Colorway is white.

The Warrior Gambler II Boot features a revised, ergonomic Ace Plate on the instep. Read more about the new Warrior Gambler II Boot technologies.

The new volt Warrior Gambler Hi-Viz Boot Colorway is available from August 8, 2014.