Nike Cachaña - 2015 Copa América Ball Revealed

The new unique Nike 2015 Copa América Official Match Ball was released today in the national stadium of Chile by Juventus player Arturo Vidal. Nike again makes the official 2015 Copa América Chile Soccer Ball, which is called Nike Cachaña. Cachaña refers to the unique feature of the game in Chile, where fast movements are used to get past opponents. The 2015 Copa América Draw will be held on November 24.

Nike Cachaña 2015 Copa América Official Match Ball

This is the new 2015 Copa América Football.

The new Nike Cachaña 2015 Copa América Official Match Ball (OMB) is based on the Nike Ordem II Ball, which is also used for Copa Libertadores, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. The Nike Ordem is the most technology advanced Nike Soccer Ball, including unprecedented flight control with new aerodynamic Nike Aeroe Trac grooves.

The mainly white 2015 Copa América Ball has a black Swoosh and the official 2015 Copa América logo on the upper. The unique 2015 Copa América logo was revealed in April 2014 and features a unique design that reflects the Chilean culture.

Nike designed a special graphic pattern with the colors white, blue, red and brown, inspired by the Chilean culture. The colors of the Chilean flag make a statement on the design of the ball, the red represents the people, the blue the Chilean sky and the white represents the Andes. In addition, a subtle hint of copper, the nation's economic engine, is woven into the design. Santiago Street art inspired the use of black and white and the overall pattern of the ball.

Copa América is the oldest international soccer competition in the world. The 2015 Copa América will be held in Chile from 11 June 2015 until 4 July 2015.