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Next-Gen Adidas mi 11pro 2015 Custom Football Boots

The next-gen Adidas Adipure 11pro 2015 Soccer Boots are now available to customize on miadidas. Introduced in November 2014, Adidas launched the next-generation 11pro Cleats with a classical black paint job and a bold Flash Orange / White half-and-half colorway. From today, football players can design their own Adidas 11pro Football Shoes to stand out on the pitch.

The cutting-edge leather Adidas Adipure 11pro 2015 Boots return to a kangaroo-leather upper, made for better ball touch at high-speeds. A revolutionary Support Skeleton in the upper and the heel allows Adidas to remove stitching for a glove-like fit.

mi 11pro Adidas Adipure Boots

This is a White / Black / Gold mi adidas 11pro Cleat.

Players can choose from a huge variety of options to customize the new Adidas 11pro 2015 Boots. It is possible to select from 12 different colors for the lateral side and instep to create a modern half-and-half design or a classical solid upper. Additionally, Adidas allows to change the colors of the medial stripes and the famous 3 stripes.

With the new mi 11pro Adidas Adipure Boots, it is possible to create a snowy white-out or a dusky black-out 11pro Cleat. Adidas also offers a large selection of vibrant colors to create an one-of-a-kind boot design.

Players can select from three plate options for different surfaces, FG (Traction of firmer grass fields), SG (Grip on softer field) and AG (traction on artificial grass). Additionally, players are able to choose from six solid colors.

The new next-gen Adidas mi Adipure 11pro Football Boots are available from today in Europe for 180 Euro (145 GBP).