Black Reflective Adidas Ace 2015 Boots Revealed

Adidas has released a classical black Adidas Ace 15.1 Soccer Boots Colorway in early July 2015. The totally new Black / Silver Metallic / Solar Yellow Adidas Ace 2015-2016 Football Boots are engineered for control featuring reflective Three Stripes.

The new Adidas Ace Soccer Cleats are the all-new Adidas control boot, replacing the Adidas Predator. Launched in May 2015 with a bold Solar Yellow / Silver paint job in May 2015, players such as Ivan Rakitic, James Rodríguez and Iker Casillas wear the new Adidas Ace Cleats since early June 2015.

Adidas Ace 15.1 FG / AG Black / Silver Metallic / Yellow

This is the brand-new Adidas Ace Boot.

The second paint job of the Adidas Ace 2015-2016 Soccer Cleats combines the understated colors black in the heel area with dark grey in the touch area. A subtle pop of color is on the sole plate. The classic black Adidas Ace 15.1 Boot boasts the iconic 3 stripes on the upper, which received a reflective treatment to stand out under the floodlight.

The Adidas Ace Boot is all about control and fit. The Black Adidas Ace 15.1 Cleat features a three-layer synthetic upper with a remarkably honeycomb structure, made for perfect fit and touch. To increase stability in the heel area, the Adidas Ace Cleats introduce a new heel stabilizer.

Even the outsole of the new Adidas Ace (Adidas Control) Soccer Cleats is designed for ultimate control. The FG / AG Hybrid sole plate is the first Adidas outsole designed for Firm Ground surfaces and Artificial Ground with numerous conical studs.

It's expected that only few Adidas players will sport the classical black Adidas Ace 2015-16 Boots, while most Adidas Ace athletes will continue to lace up in the bold Solar Yellow / Silver release colorway of the all-new Adidas Ace 15.1 Soccer Cleats.

Adidas launched the totally-new Adidas Ace 2015 Football Boots in late May 2015 ahead of the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final, and will also released an Adidas Ace Leather Boot. See all Adidas 2015-2016 Cleats in our Boot Calendar.

The new Black / Silver / Yellow Adidas Ace 2015-2016 Cleats are available for 200 Euro (200 USD, 150 GBP) from early July 2015.