Carl Zeiss Jena Announce 'Heaven Shall Burn' Kit Sponsorship

German club Carl Zeiss Jena and local metal band Heaven Shall Burn announced a partnership which sees the successful band take over the Carl Zeiss Jena shirt sponsorship under the 'Support your local team' motto.

Carl Zeiss Jena Heaven Shall Burn Shirt Sponsor

This is the black Adidas Carl Zeiss Jena 2015 Kit sponsored by metal band Heaven Shall Burn.

Based on Adidas teamwear, the special Carl Zeiss Jena Heaven Shall Burn 2015 Shirt is completely black with contrasting white logos and a white v-collar.

Instead of using the original Heaven Shall Burn logo art, the band opted for a traditional design inspired by classic Carl Zeiss Jena Shirts which displayed the team name in similar fashion on the front.

Heaven Shall Burn did not announce for how long exactly they will remain the main sponsor of Carl Zeiss Jena, but said that they hope to inspire others to support their local club, be it as a fan or as a sponsor.

Jena will wear the blackout Carl Zeiss Jena 2015 Shirt with the Heaven Shall Burn sponsor logo for the first time in today's home match against 1. FC Magdeburg, as they see out the 2014-15 season without any hope of promotion to the third tier.