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Compare Adidas Ace Boots - Adidas Ace 15.1 vs Ace 15.2 vs Ace 15.3 vs Ace 15.4

The Adidas Ace 15 Football Boots form the totally-new Adidas football boots collection, together with the Adidas X. Additionally to the high-end Adidas Ace 15.1 Boot, Adidas made available three takedown versions of the new control silo: Adidas Ace 15.2, Adidas Ace 15.3 and Adidas Ace 15.4.

In this detailed overview we take an in-depth look at the different synthetic versions available of the new Adidas Ace 15 Cleats. Adidas also launched K-Leather Adidas Ace 15 Boots, which will be compared separately.

Adidas Ace 15.1 vs Adidas Ace 15.2

Move the slider to compare the all-new Adidas Ace 15.1 and Adidas Ace 15.2.

The new Adidas Ace 15.1 Football Boots (retail price: 220 USD) are made for players who control the game and take the initiative on the field, featuring an all-new Totalskin synthetic upper with a 3D Control Web and NSG (Non Stop Grip) for control under all conditions.

The Non Stop Grip introduces a structure of little dots placed all over the upper of the new Adidas Ace 15.1 for enhanced grip. The new Totalcontrol outsole is the first-ever mixed FG / AG sole with a lowered stud height and a new stud configuration to enable more studs to touch the ball during foot-over moves.

The Adidas Ace 15.2 Cleats retail at 110 USD and are the second best Adidas Ace 15 Boot version. The new Adidas Ace 15.2 Football Boots feature the same mixed FG / AG outsole as the 15.1, albeit the design is more basic and the Adidas stripes don't go around the lower side of the boot. While the Totalskin synthetic upper and the Non Stop Grip technology are present on the Adidas Ace 15.2 Boot, it does not boast the 3D Control Web as well as the external heel stabilizer seen on the Ace 15.1.

Adidas Ace 15.3 Boots

This image shows the all-new Adidas Ace 15.3 Football Boot.

The Adidas Ace 15.3 Cleats (retail price: 70 USD) also include the Totalcontrol outsole and stud configuration, while the upper is a relatively standard synthetic upper, which does not feature the 3D Control Web nor the Non Stop Grip technology. Available as FG / AG, SG, HG, TF (turf) and IN (indoor) versions, the Adidas Ace 15.3 Boots weight in at 249g (8.8oz).

Adidas Ace 15.4 Boots

This is the new Adidas Ace 15.4 Soccer Cleat.

Retailing at just 50 USD, the Adidas Ace 15.4 Boot is the cheapest available version of the new Adidas Ace 15 Boots. The Adidas Ace 15.4 Cleats come with a standard Traction outsole and a synthetic, relatively thick, upper.

VersionAce 15.1Ace 15.2Ace 15.3Ace 15.4
UpperTotalskin synthetic upper with 3D Control WebTotalskin synthetic upperSynthetic upperSynthetic upper
NSG✓ (Non Stop Grip)XXX
OutsoleTotalcontrol outsole with conical studsTotalcontrol outsole with conical studsTotalcontrol outsole with conical studsTraction outsole
Heel counterXXX
TypesFG / AG




IN (Adidas Ace 15.2 Boost)










Weight252g (8.9oz)278g (9.8oz)249g (8.8oz)255g (9.0oz)
Price220 USD

200 Euro

150 GBP

110 USD

110 Euro

100 GBP

70 USD

70 Euro

50 GBP

50 USD

50 Euro

40 GBP

Players like Mesut Özil and James Rodríguez will wear the all-new Adidas Ace 15 Boots, which are set for a debut at the 2015 Champions League final in Berlin on 6 June.

Which version of the new Adidas Ace 15 Football Boots would be your choice? Drop us a line below.