Lotto Zhero Gravity VII Boots Released

The new Lotto Zhero Gravity VII 2015 Football Boots introduce a stunning new design for Lotto's innovative boot, aiming for speed, reactivity and accuracy.

The original Lotto Zhero Gravity Boot was the first and only laceless football boot, although the laceless design was dropped for the new generation of Lotto's speed boots.

Lotto Zhero Gravity VII

This is the newest generation of the Lotto Zhero Gravity, the new Lotto Zhero Gravity VII Boot.

The new Lotto Zhero Gravity VII 200 Boots boast Lotto's iconic black and green color scheme, combining a black upper with an unusual green lines structure that goes all over the cleats. The Lotto and Zhero Gravity logos are placed on the outside of the Zhero Gravity VII Soccer Cleats, while the writing lotto is visible on the inner side.

The new Lotto Zhero Gravity VII Boots are the first Lotto Zhero Gravity Cleats to feature regular laces in a move away from the revolutionary laceless design introduced by the Italian brand back in 2002.

Combining an one-piece upper with a supportive mesh fabric all over the boot, the Lotto Zhero Gravity 7 Soccer Cleats are made to offer improved ball control and touch as well as foot support all across the boot. The outsole of the new Lotto Zhero Gravity 2015 Boots are designed to be both lightweight and reactive, made with Lotto's new PuntoFlex technology to allow for better flexing of the foot.

Although not officially released at the time, the new Lotto Zhero Gravity 7 Boots were used by a number of players in official matches already, including Udinese's Danilo and Empoli's Federico Barba.

The Lotto Zhero Gravity VII Football Boots are set to be available at selected retailers soon in FG, SG and SG-mix soleplate variants.

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