SC Bastia 15-16 Kits Released

The new SC Bastia 2015-2016 Home Kit by Kappa boasts a unique design with a stunning front gradient in honor of the club's 110th anniversary, while the new SC Bastia 2015-16 Away Shirt combines the three club colors. SC Bastia debuted the new 2015-16 Home Shirt in the Ligue 1 home match against Caen on May 16.

Kappa SC Bastia 2015-16 Home Kit

This is the new Bastia 15-16 Home Shirt by Kappa.

Based on Kappa's 15-16 template, the new SC Bastia 2015-2016 Shirt features a front gradient combining two shades of blue as well as white and black applications. The sides and sleeves of the new SC Bastia 15-16 Home Kit come in the lighter blue color used for the lower part of the front, while the upper part is colored in a darker blue.

The sleeve cuffs of the new Kappa Bastia 2015-16 Jersey are black and white, with the collar also sporting the same two colors.

A special badge dedicated to SC Bastia's 110th anniversary is visible on the upper back below the neckline of the new Kappa SC Bastia 15-16 Home Kit.

Kappa SC Bastia 2015-16 Away Jersey

This is the new Bastia 2015-2016 Away Kit.

The new SC Bastia 2015-2016 Away Kit combines Bastia's famous colors blue, white and black with a unique color block concept.

The body of the new SC Bastia 15-16 Away Shirt is colored white with a blue and black band design, while the contrasting blue sleeves feature black and white sleeve cuffs.

White shorts and socks will complete the bespoke design of the new SC Bastia 2015-16 Away Kit.