Watford 15-16 Kits Released

The new Puma Watford 15-16 Away Kit was debuted in the friendly against Dundee United on July 25. For their first Premier League season in more than ten years, the new Watford 2015-16 Home Kit is the first ever Watford Shirt with hoops.

The new Watford 2015-2016 Kits are made by Puma and feature 138.com, an online gambling company, as shirt sponsor.

Watford 15-16 Home Kit

This is the new Watford 2015-2016 Home Shirt.

The new Puma Watford 15-16 Kit is mainly yellow and boasts a stunning black hoops design on the front. Differently sized black hoops create a unique black and yellow gradient on the new Watford 2015-16 Home Jersey.

The classical v-collar and the sleeve cuffs of the new Watford Kit are also black, while a black line runs down each sleeve of the Watford 15-16 Home Shirt.

Placed centrally below the Puma and Watford FC logos, the 138.com sponsor logo has a yellow outline to stand out against the black hoops on the new Watford 15-16 Kit.

Black shorts and yellow socks complete the new Watford 15-16 Home Kit.

Watford 15-16 Away Kit

This is the new Watford 2015-2016 Away Shirt.

The new Watford 15-16 Away Shirt introduces classic black and white look, based on the most common Puma 15-16 Teamwear Shirt.

The Watford 2015-16 Away Kit is black with a contrasting white stripe running down the sleeves of the shirt. Black shorts and socks complement the new Puma Watford FC 2015-16 Kit.

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