Sevilla 15-16 Away Kit Released

The New Balance Sevilla 2015-16 Away Kit boasts a unique red-and-white stripes design, officially revealed on July 8.

The New Balance Sevilla 2015-16 Kits are first-ever Sevilla FC Shirts produced by New Balance, who took over from Warrior. The new Sevilla 2015-2016 Jerseys feature no main sponsor yet.

Sevilla 15-16 Away Kit

This is the new Sevilla 2015-2016 Away Kit.

The new Sevilla 2015-2016 Away Shirt features a red base with two white vertical stripes on the front, while the back of the shirt is solid red.

Sevilla returns to the modern Sevilla club crest after their last shirts featured the original logo of Sevilla. The modern Sevilla crest boasts red-and-white stripes, the initials SFC from the first crest and the Christian saints from the coast of arms of Seville.

New Balance designed a special constructed Polo collar for the new Sevilla 2015-16 Away Kit. The neckline of Sevilla's new shirt features a white line and a special triangle design with a white trim.

Red shorts and socks complete the unique Sevilla 2015-2016 Away Kit.

Red and white stripes. What do you think of the new Sevilla 15-16 Away Kit? Drop us a line below, and check out also the first New Balance Sevilla Home and Third Shirts.