Carpi 15-16 Kits Released

Newly promoted Serie A side Carpi FC this week launched the new Carpi 2015-16 Jerseys, made for the first time by Givova. The new Carpi FC 2015-2016 Home and Away Kits boast the traditional colors of the Biancorossi (The White-and-Reds).

Carpi FC were playing in Italy's fifth division in 2009, while the Italian club gained a historical promotion to the Serie A last season. It's the first time that Carpi plays in the Serie A, and it's the first time that the Italian sport supplier Givova makes the new Carpi Shirts after they signed a three-year kit deal.

Carpi FC 2015-2016 Home Kit

This is the new Carpi 15-16 Home Shirt.

The new Carpi 15-16 Home Kit boasts a unique design combining the traditional club colors white and red. The white Carpi FC 15-16 Shirt features nine thin red stripes on the chest area to honor the founding year 1909, combined with light grey stripes on the front.

Exclusively designed for the Italian club, the new Carpi FC Kit has a modern v-collar with red trim and white / red sleeve cuffs.

On the back under the neckline is a hawk on a hornbeam, which is part of Carpi's crest. The hornbeam is as a nod to the origin of Carpi. The name "Carpi"" is derived from carpinus betulus, a hornbeam.

White shorts and socks complete the traditional look of Carpi's new shirt.

Carpi FC 15-16 Away Kit

This is the new Carpi Away Strip.

The new Carpi 2015-16 Away Jersey combines a red body with white sleeves, inspired by Arsenal's famous home kit. Based on the same template as the home shirt, the new Carpi FC 2015-2016 Away Strip features striking horizontal stripes on the front.

Unique. What do you think of the new Givova Carpi FC 2015-16 Kits, set to be used in Carpi's historical first-ever Serie A campaign? Let us know in the comments below.