Custom Mi Adidas Ace Goalkeeper Gloves

The new Adidas Ace 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Gloves are finally available to customize on miadidas. While the variety of colors is rather limited, Adidas offers a large range of custom performance details that let keepers bring their own touch to the box.

One month ago, the totally new Adidas X and Adidas Ace Football Boots were launched on miadidas offering players infinite color options. Players such as Lacazette already laced up in the custom Adidas X Boots, while the custom Adidas Ace Goalkeeper Gloves received no on pitch debut yet.

Mi Adidas Ace Goalkeeper Gloves

This is a custom white-out Adidas Ace Keeper Glove.

The colors available for the custom Adidas Ace Goalkeeper Gloves are inspired by the first colorways of the Adidas Ace Gloves. Adidas offers the striking colors Solar Yellow and Solar Orange, and the understated colors black, grey and white.

Players can also add their name to the Adidas Ace Goalkeeper Gloves (luckily it's possible to add two lines with 10 characters per line).

But the customization is more about performance than style. So it's possible to add a Zones package for more grip, control and durability. Players can also choose from a voice of different cuts (Negative, Positive, Rollfinger), foam types (Latex and Mesh).

It's also possible to add the Fingersave system for additional support, while it's not possible to receive the interchangeable wrist control of the Adidas Ace Zones Ultimate Goalkeeper Gloves.

We would love to see keepers such as Manuel Neuer, ter Stegen, de Gea and Claudio Bravo wearing custom Adidas Ace Gloves in the coming weeks.