Everton 15-16 Away Kit Released

The new Everton 2015-2016 Away Kit features a unique design with subtle horizontal stripes on the sleeves. The new Everton Away Shirt was revealed on July 13.

The Double Diamond brand Umbro makes the new Everton FC 15-16 Shirts, which are sponsored by Chang Beer. The Everton 2015-16 Home Kit was already revealed in late May 2015.

Everton 15-16 Away Kit

This is the new Everton FC 2015-16 Away Strip.

The new Everton 2015-2016 Away Shirt is mainly white with light grey horizontal stripes on the sleeves and the side panel of the shirt.

It features the black Umbro lettering on both sleeves and a monochromatic black club badge. Last season's white Everton Shirt was combined with striking purple applications.

The new Everton 15-16 Away Kit has a simplistic crew neck collar to complete the modern design. The shorts and the socks of the new Everton 2015-16 Away Strip are black with white applications.

Everton 15-16 Goalkeeper Away Kit

This is the new Everton Keeper Away Shirt.

The new Everton 2015-16 Away Jersey combines the understated colors black and grey with a unique graphic pattern on the front. It is based on the same template as the Everton Goalkeeper Home Shirt.

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