MLS All-Star 2015 Kit Released

The new Adidas 2015 MLS All-Star Jersey introduces a unique design for the 20th Major League Soccer All-Star Game, released on July 13.

The 2015 MLS All-Star Game will take place on 29 July 2015 in Colorado when Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur take on the MLS All-Stars. It's the first time that Tottenham plays against the MLS All-Stars.

MLS 2015 All-Star Shirt

This is the new MLS All-Star 2015 Jersey.

The new MLS 2015 All-Star Kit boasts a spectacular Sash design on the front, which draws inspiration from the flags of United States and Canada. The unique Sash fades from navy to red featuring the famous stars of the American flag and the iconic Maple Leaf of the Canadian flag.

The MLS 2015 All-Star Jersey features the colors of the 2015 MLS logo after last year's MLS All-Star Shirt combined the understated color black with striking yellow applications. The famous 3-stripes on the sleeves are red, while the v-collar and the bottom hem are navy.

On the sleeves of the new MLS All-Star Kit is the 2015 MLS logo, while a special 20th anniversary badge will be placed on the bottom of the jersey. On the back under the neckline is the slogan "Community, Club, Country" to represent the re-branding of MLS.

Stunning. What do you think of the unique 2015 MLS All-Star Jersey? Let us know in the comments below.