Panathinaikos 15-16 Kits Released

The new Panathinaikos 15-16 Home Kit features the traditional green and white design of the Greek club, while the Panathinaikos 15-16 Away Kit boasts a striking look. The Panathinaikos 2015-2016 Kits are made for the first time by Puma, who are replacing previous shirt supplier Adidas.

Panathinaikos will play in the 2015-16 UEFA Champions League Third qualifying round after they won the Greek play-off for Champions League. The new Panathinaikos 15-16 Jerseys boast a sponsorless look.

Panathinaikos 15-16 Home Shirt

This is the new Panathinaikos 2015-2016 Home Jersey.

The new Panathinaikos 15-16 Kit combines the traditional colors green and white with a subtle tonal stripes on the front. A white stripe is running down the sleeves of the new Panathinaikos 2015-2016 Kit, which features a modern v-collar with white trim.

Traditionally, the new Panathinaikos 15-16 Home, Away and Third Kits boast the shamrock from Panathinaikos' crest on the front.

Green shorts and socks complete the new Panathinaikos 15-16 Home Uniform.

Panathinaikos 2015-2016 Away Kit

This is the new Panathinaikos 15-16 Away Jersey.

The new Panathinaikos 2015-2016 Away Shirt boasts a spectacular diamond graphic pattern on the front, which combines the striking colors dark blue and black. Puma's unique diamond-shaped football kits design draws inspiration from the football kits of the 1990s and is used for various clubs this season.

Puma combines the fresh colors blue and black with Panathinaikos' iconic green and white to create a bespoke design for the club.

Panathinaikos 15-16 Third Kit

This is the new Panathinaikos Third Strip.

The new white Panathinaikos Third Shirt features a clean design, based on the same template as the home shirt with inverted colors. White shorts and socks complement the new Panathinaikos 15-16 Third Kit.

Classic and bold. What do you think of the new Panathinaikos 15-16 Home, Away and Third Kits? Let us know in the comments section below.