All 20 Teams' First Premier League Kits

Celebrating the start to the new season, the Premier League has released a nice little video showing all 20 teams' first-ever Premier League kits.

In the build-up to the new season, also check out our comprehensive overview of all 2015-16 Premier League kits, as well as our post about 15-16 Premier League kits re-imagined with classic sponsors.


The Arsenal 1992-93 home kit was made by Adidas and still featured the club's old crest, interestingly already in a color-changed version. Iconic in its design, the Arsenal 92-93 away shirt was yellow with a striking all-over print.

Aston Villa

For the 1992-93 season, Aston Villa wore Umbro kits with quite classic designs, with the home kit collar somewhat reminding us of the new West Ham 15-16 kit, also by the English brand.


AFC Bournemouth are playing their first-ever Premier League season in 15/16. The Bournemouth 15-16 kits are made by JD Football and feature Mansion as shirt sponsor.


Just like the new Chelsea 15-16 kits, the Chelsea kits in 92-93 featured a lot of red elements, including the crest lion.

Crystal Palace

Made by unknown company Ribero Sportswear, the Crystal Palace 1992-93 home kit featured the traditional stripes, while the Crystal Palace away shirt was yellow with a green collar.


Umbro produced the Everton 1992-93, as the home kit collar was based on the exact same template as the Umbro Chelsea shirt from the same season. Sponsored by NEC, the Everton 92-93 away jersey boasted salmon pink and navy stripes, a design only used that one time.

Leicester City

THe Leicester City 94-95 shirts were made by in-house brand Fox Leisure and featured smart designs, sponsored by Walkers Crisps.


Very iconic in their appearance, the Liverpool 92-93 home and away kits were red and green, respectively, featuring giant 3 Stripes on the right shoulder and sleeve.

Manchester City

The Manchester City 92-93 home shirt was sky blue with navy details, while the Man City away kit was purple with thing white stripes and a shield around the club logo.

Manchester United

Having already switched to Umbro from Adidas, the Manchester United 1992-93 kits included a very classic home shirt and the iconic blue away shirt, which featured a large crest watermark.

Newcastle United

Newcastle got promoted to the Premier League for the 1993-94 season, wearing Asics kits for their first season in the league. The Newcastle 1993-94 home shirt was fairly traditional, while the away shirt was blue with a black polo collar and a graphic print on the body.

Norwich City

Also made by Ribero Sportswear, the Norwich City 92-93 shirt featured a remarkable all-over print, which was also present on the purple sleeves of the white Norwich 92-93 away kit.


Made by traditional English brand Admiral, the Southampton 1992-93 kits boasted clean designs. The Southampton home shirt featured thin black lines next to the wider red stripes, complete with a black collar.

Stoke City

Only celebrating their first Premier League season in 2008-09, the Stoke City kits from that season were made by Le Coq Sportif.


The Sunderland crest has surely changed since 1996-97, the club's first Premier League season. Other than that, the red and white stripes have remained a constant, be it with the 96-97 kits by Avec or the current Adidas works.

Swansea City

One of the more recent clubs to celebrate its Premier League debut, Swansea City wore Adidas teamwear in the 2011-12 season.

Tottenham Hotspur

Another team supplied by Umbro in the 1992-93 season, the Tottenham Hotspur home kit from that season is simply class, as the Double Diamond didn't disappoint.


Le Coq Sportif produced the Watford 1999-00 kits, which worked nice with the yellow, black and red colors of the club.

West Bromwich Albion

The West Bromwich 2002-03 home and away kits both featured striped looks, made by Italian brand Diadora, but featuring the club's nickname The Baggies on the left chest.

West Ham

Made by PONY (Product of New York), the West Ham 93-94 kit featured not only large sponsor-inspired design elements, but also a monochromatic club crest. The West Ham away kit of the same season is a classic, and was later honored with a remake by Macron.

Which one's your favorite? Which club's kits have improved from their first Premier League season or vice-versa? Let us know in the comments below.