Chelsea 15-16 Third Kit | On-pitch Debut

Guess we now know why Chelsea jumped the gun and released the new Adidas Third Kit already, almost a week before the initially scheduled release.

Chelsea already debuted the new Adidas 15-16 Third Shirt in the West Bromwich away match, recording their first win of the new season.

Chelsea Debut New 'Gradient' Third Kit in West Bromwich Match

Chelsea players are seen celebrating Pedro's goal in the new Adidas 15-16 Third Kit.

While the original Adidas Chelsea 15-16 Third Kit Socks are white, referee Mark Clattenburg ordered the reigning league champions to switch to alternative black socks to avoid confusion with their opponents.

Generally, the look of the new Chelsea 15-16 Third Kit was more understated than what could be expected, especially from wide out. This could've been down partly to the alternated socks, but also due to the fact that the shirt and shorts effects didn't stand out as much.

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