FIFA Club World Cup 2015 Logo Revealed

The new 2015 FIFA Club World Cup Logo introduces a bespoke design for the 12th edition of the Club World Cup to reflect the beauty of Japan. It was officially released on August 24, 2015.

The 2015 FIFA Club World Cup will be hosted by Japan between 10-20 December 2015. 2014-15 UEFA Champions League winners FC Barcelona, 2015 Copa Libertadores champions River Plate, 2014-15 CONCACAF Champions League winner Club América and 2014–15 OFC Champions League Auckland City already qualified for the tournament.

2015 FIFA Club World Cup Logo

This is the new FIFA Club World Cup Japan logo.

The new FIFA Club World Cup logo reflects the 'unique beauty of the country and the spirit of hospitality'. Featuring the shape of the official trophy, the new Club World Cup logo boasts the Mount Fuji at the center.

“With Japan hosting this important tournament for the seventh time, we are thrilled to see the new excitement and enthusiasm that this year’s FIFA Club World Cup will bring to the nation,” said Daini. “It is an honor to reveal the emblem that reflects the unique beauty of Japan and the spirit of hospitality, which are essential to the success of the event.”

Inspired by the “Shodo” calligraphy, the silhouette of the globe on the top is shaped by distinctive features, providing a vibrant element that aims to reflect the sun and the well-known Japanese hospitality and solidarity.

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