Nike Hypervenom x Neymar Jr | Carve out a Path, Then Attack It

To celebrate the launch of the new Green Strike Nike Hypervenom II Boots in Europe, Nike has released a stunning cartoon-style video showing Neymar dribbling his way through the opposition defense before smashing it home.

Carve out a Path, Then Attack It

Drawn in a unique cartoony style, the new Hypervenom x Neymar Video lets us take a step inside the mind of Neymar Junior. Neymar quickly analyzes the opposition defenders' positions to carve out a path and to then attack it with pace and agility.

Literally dismantling the defenders, Neymar goes on to smash the ball into the net and score.

The first installation of a new series of videos by Nike, the 'Carve out a Path, Then Attack It' Neymar Video will be followed by more clips involving the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Götze.

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