Yellow Adidas Ligue 1 2015-2016 Ball Released

The new yellow Adidas Ligue 1 15-16 Winter Football introduces a striking design for the second half of the 2015-16 Ligue 1 season, released in December and set to be debuted in tonight's PSG game.

The new Hi-Vis Yellow Ligue 1 2015-2016 Ball is based on the white, blue and red Adidas Ligue 1 2015-16 Official Match Ball, which is used in the first half of the season.

Yellow Adidas Pro Ligue 1 2015-16 OMB

This is the new hi-vis yellow Ligue 1 15-16 Ball.

The new Adidas Pro Ligue 1 2015-2016 Ball combines the striking color yellow with different shades of gold, orange and yellow to stand out on the pitch. The unique upper design reflects the design of waves to showcase the dynamics of the Ligue 1 ahead of the Euro 2016 in France. Traditionally, the upper features the lettering "pro ligue 1 balon officiel" as well as the Ligue logo and the Adidas Performance logo.

Tech-wise, the yellow Adidas Pro Ligue 1 Soccer Ball offers the same features as the Adidas Brazuca 2014 World Cup Ball and the Adidas Conext 15 Ball featuring a revolutionary six-panels design.

The Adidas Pro Ligue 1 15-16 Winter Ball retails at a price of 130 Euro (105 GBP) and is available from today.

Yellow, Gold, Orange and Yellow. What do you think of the new Ligue 1 2015-16 Ball? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out the Adidas Euro 2016 Ball.