Adidas Most Terrible Kits Reinterpreted by La Casaca

This is genius. Dorian from La Casaca has reinterpreted the most horrific Adidas Kits of Ajax, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Chivas, Juventus, Manchester United, Milan, Real Madrid and River Plate in a unique project.

With the headline "give the shirts a second chance", Dorian tried to make the impossible possible: Create beautiful shirts inspired by the worst football kits of the 1990s. The first version of the kits shows a modern version of the original design, while the second jersey reinterprets the original design with the aim to create a better kit. Let's take a look at the Redesigned Adidas 'Horror Kits'.

Redesigned Adidas 'Horror' Kits

Here are the reinterpreted kits by La Casaca.

Ajax Amsterdam

Bayern Munich




Manchester United

AC Milan

Real Madrid

River Plate

Awesome work. Any redesigned shirt way better than the original? Let us know in the comments below, and read more about the idea behind the redesign of each shirt on La Casaca's website.