Leaked: Brazil 2015 Kit to Be Released Ahead of US Friendlies

It looks like the new Brazil home kit will be released shortly, with an eye on the seleção's US friendlies against Costa Rica and the United States.

Brazil 2015 Kit to Be Debuted on US Tour

This is the new Brazil 2015 home shirt, set to be debuted very soon.

Contrary to reports in Brazil that claimed the new Brazil jersey would only be released in early 2016, we are likely to see the new shirt in action just a few days from now.

@nike_spain, Nike's official Twitter account for Spain, yesterday tweeted about the immediate launch of the limited-edition Ronaldinho boots. The tweet didn't come without a twist though, as the link inside includes 'BrasilKitTease' as a referral code. This can only indicate that the original 'Brazil kit tease' tweet and the subsequent release is shortly away.

The Brazil 2015 away kit at the Women's World Cup.

Originally scheduled for a release earlier this year, ahead of the 2015 Copa America, the Brazil 2015 home and away jerseys were already debuted and worn by the women's national team at the World Cup in Canada.

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